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MV School District: Fires….Re-Hires…Then Fires Four Employees

MV School District: Fires….Re-Hires…Then Breaking News - Reported Here

American Legacy Magazine’s “Know Your History” Mobile Exhibit to Visit Grace CDF “Freedom School”

American Legacy Magazine’s “Know Your His   American Legacy, the magaz

A.B. Davis High School Class of 1961 Reunion

A.B. Davis High School Class of 1961 Reunion In June 1961, 550 ‘Hilltop

MV Peace Keepers Present to Parents of Grace CDF Freedom School

MV Peace Keepers Present to Parents of Grace On Tuesday, August 2, Richard

When the Going Gets Tough for Kids in Mount Vernon,  Scarsdale Residents Respond

When the Going Gets Tough for Kids in Mount V More than 100 attended the rec

Mount Vernon Alum Sponsors Prom Dress Giveaway

Mount Vernon Alum Sponsors Prom Dress Giveawa For many teens around the coun

Youth Bureau Director Receives  Emerging Young Leader’s Award

Youth Bureau Director Receives Emerging Youn On April 7, more than 3,000 st

Students at Mt. Vernon’s Longfellow School Picture Their World

Students at Mt. Vernon’s Longfellow School   The Greater Hudson Valley

Ingerman Smith Appointed Legal Counsel to the Mount Vernon City School District

Ingerman Smith Appointed Legal Counsel to the Hauppauge, NY, July 27, 2011

Boys II Men Mentoring Program Visits China

Boys II Men Mentoring Program Visits China From April 16-23, Longfellow


MV School District: Fires….Re-Hires…Then Fires Four Employees

Wednesday, 28 September 2011 17:47 administrator
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Breaking News - Reported Here First.

The Mount Vernon Board of Education school board trustees voted this past Monday in a 5-4 vote to terminate four employees of the school system. In subsequent individual meetings with the law firm Ingerman Smith which represents the school district, the employees were notified of their termination which would be effective the very next day on Tuesday. The employees included Parent Coordinator Syretta Collins, Director of Operations Nathaniel Taylor, Director of Security Carl Barchus and the Director of Communications Desiree Grand.

However, in a bizarre turn of events the four were notified late Tuesday that they were not terminated or as some see it re-hired and told to return to work on Wednesday. Some of them had already cleaned out their offices, told to return all district owned items (mobile phones, etc.) and left the premises. Shortly thereafter, Board president Michelle Walker sent out an e-mail alerting the other eight board members that there would be an emergency meeting on Wednesday at 2:30pm at the education center presumably to discuss the events of the past two days. At the emergency meeting, the board passed a resolution which enabled  the board to properly fire the four employees which had not followed proper procedure during the first vote. When school board trustee Lynn McBride inquired why the hastily called meeting was not held at an appropriate time when board members who are employed in the daytime could attend the meeting which are normally held in the evening, school board president Michelle Walker simply responded, "You don't have to be here" according to trustee McBride. "I simply left because I refuse to be a part of this kangaroo court" stated McBride. Trustees Delia Farquharson and Carol Ben Reuben were unable to attend today's meeting due to their work schedule, but had both voted no on Monday. Trustee Elias Gootzeit voted no Monday and today. Trustees Michelle Walker, Rosemarie Jarosz, Leonard Sarver, Gerald Whiteside and Marc Stuckey voted yes for termination on Monday and again today. Mount Vernon Today reached out to board president Michelle Walker this afternoon, but has not received a response before this story was posted on our web-site.

According to Dr. Collie Edwers, President of the Mount Vernon Civil Service Commission, “They are not civil service employees as far as I know. They serve at the pleasure of the hiring authority [Board of Education]." Edwers also added, “The board of Education created titles and positions without the involvement of the civil service commission which is required by the State of New York. In my opinion, the corrective measures some of the school board members are taking is to the extreme. They are opening themselves up for unnecessary lawsuits and that would be a waste of taxpayers’ money."

It has already been confirmed that several of the now terminated employees that were previously in limbo have already obtained or sought the advice of legal counsel. It has been learned that at least one of them had legal representation present at the meeting this past Monday when they were originally terminated.

The next public school board meeting is Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at the Mount Vernon Board of Education Center located at 165 North Columbus Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York 10553. The meeting begins at 7:00pm.


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American Legacy Magazine’s “Know Your History” Mobile Exhibit to Visit Grace CDF “Freedom School”

Tuesday, 09 August 2011 12:19 administrator
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American Legacy, the magazine of African-American history and culture announced today that its “Know your History” mobile exhibit will visit Mount Vernon, NY on Thursday, August 11, 2011. The mobile exhibit is a traveling museum filled with photos, stories and interactive learning stations that celebrate the African –American experience. "We're excited about the opportunity to visit Mount Vernon, NY and present this educational event which provides important information to students on our rich and noble history and culture” said Rodney J. Reynolds, founder, publisher and CEO of American Legacy.  The corporate offices of American Legacy are located in Mt. Vernon.

The 18-wheel trailer transformed into a black history museum will take visitors on a historical journey in black history through the pages of American Legacy Magazine.

The “Know Your History” mobile truck includes an exhibit of the magazines covers highlighting the depth and magnitude of African-American history and culture; “Always In Our Sight: The Fight For Civil Rights" an exhibit of artifacts and memorabilia from slavery to civil right from the collection of Gene Peters; exhibit featuring the Buffalo Soldiers, and an exhibit from American Airlines: Black History in Aviation.

"This is another giant step in the history of American Legacy Magazine where we move closer to our mission of teaching our history and helping to restore pride and self-esteem to those in and outside of our community, specifically our young people, who do not know their history,” said Reynolds.  “This unique experience will be just another approach to help them feel good about where they’ve been and give them hope on what they can achieve.”

American Legacy’s “Know Your History” Mobile Exhibit will be parked at Grace Baptist Church, 52 South Sixth Avenue, and will be open to the public from 9:00AM-5:00PM.  The tour manager is MRA Experiential Tours and Equipment of Madison Heights, MI.


American Legacy magazine is distributed nationwide to over 2.25 million readers through black churches, educational and cultural institutions.  Also available on newsstands and through paid subscriptions, American Legacy is owned by RJR Communications, Inc. In addition to the magazine, other brands include American Legacy’s Black History Curriculum Guide and its “Know Your History” board game.  For more information on how to purchase these products log onto


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A.B. Davis High School Class of 1961 Reunion

Friday, 05 August 2011 15:51 administrator
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In June 1961, 550 ‘Hilltoppers’ graduated from the nationally-acclaimed A.B. Davis High School in Mt. Vernon, NY.  A. B. Davis is the alma mater of numerous esteemed graduates including comedian/actor Art Carney, Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Dick Clark, author of the beloved Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White and famed Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Ralph Branca.


Saturday, September 17, 2011, alumni of the 1961 class will gather for a 50TH Reunion Celebration at the Hilton Rye Town Hotel, 699 Westchester Avenue, Rye Brook, NY 10573 (914-939-6300). Festivities will begin at 7 p.m.  The theme for the long-awaited gathering is, ‘So, What Have You Been Doin’ These Last 50 Years?’


Excited alumni have affirmed their attendance from across the country and Mt. Vernon’s own backyard.  David Chu, U.S. Under Secretary of Defense (2001-2008) says, “I remember when our class entered Davis. The Dean (Grace Lewis) told us, ‘It’s easier to keep up than to catch up.’ I’ve tried to live by that all my life (not always successfully). I’m delighted I’ll be there (reunion).”


Other confirmed attendees include New York State Senator Ruth (Hassell) Thompson; California physician John Lynn who served as the class GO President and ‘Mr. Maroon & White’, local songstress Glenda Hospie Davenport and Floridian Al DiMaio, Professor of Political Science (emeritus) at Long Island University and the 1961 Senior Class President. DiMaio stated, “A. B. Davis was an energetic beehive of creativity that helped launch diverse students into many productive directions that have impacted the world.”


The 50th Reunion Executive Committee, composed of DiMaio, Michael Schlanger, Beryl Bochow Hay and Bill Troetel view this event as a once in a lifetime opportunity for old classmates to reconnect, share treasured memories and make plans for the future.


For more information, including reservation instructions, call: 914-693-0020


MV Peace Keepers Present to Parents of Grace CDF Freedom School

Friday, 05 August 2011 13:34 administrator
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On Tuesday, August 2, Richard Thomas, Communications Director of the Mt. Vernon Peace Keepers, presented to over 75 parents in the Grace CDF Freedom School. He discussed the history of the Mt. Vernon Peace Keepers, their mission for Peace in Mt. Vernon and how they march in the schools and on the streets to engage the youth. Richard applauded the parents of the Freedom School by pointing out that, “You are involved with their children’s lives. You show them love and don’t let them get out of line. It’s mainly the young ones without strong parental role models we need to reach. Peace Keepers provide this example. We aim to fill their soul with love, respect and faith.”

Richard also spoke about the successes of the Peace Keepers had in Mt. Vernon. They helped a few homeless young males find shelter, referred others to jobs and, on a weekly basis, they distribute fresh fruits and vegetables for free to the community. Richard went on to say, “These kids need stronger youth programs, more role models and the Peace Keepers need you to get out of the pews and join us in the streets and schools!” Three fathers stepped up to become Peace Keepers and four mothers signed up to join the Women Peace Keepers chapter.  A member from Freedom School pointed out that since the Peace Keepers have come to Mt. Vernon, there hasn’t been a murder in 13 months. Richard credited the collaboration between “SNUG” – a program by Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, City of Mt. Vernon and Peace Keepers for the period of tranquility. The Mt. Vernon Peace Keepers meet every Tuesday at 7:00 PM at Grace Baptist Church located at 56 South 6th Avenue, Mt. Vernon, NY 10550.

For more information on the Mt. Vernon Peace Keepers contact Richard at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit

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When the Going Gets Tough for Kids in Mount Vernon, Scarsdale Residents Respond

Thursday, 04 August 2011 14:55 administrator
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More than 100 attended the recent Amazing Afternoons fundraising kick-off organized by a group of Scarsdale residents concerned about the viability of this after-school program in Mt. Vernon. Due to state budget cuts, the 125 children enrolled in Amazing Afternoons at Mt. Vernon’s Edward Williams Elementary won’t have a place to go for homework help, recreation and mentoring.  Lack of funding for Amazing Afternoons, which is administered by Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS), threatens to discontinue free after-school enrichment and academic support for the students, many of whom are likely to go unsupervised in the afternoons. Nearly 90% of the children at the school qualify for free/reduced lunch; many come from single-parent homes; and some live in homeless shelters. The demise of the program also will leave working families without affordable childcare in the after-school period.

Concerned Scarsdale residents -- The Edward Williams Fundraising Group -- many of whom are long-time volunteers at Amazing Afternoons, have set a goal to raise $200,000 so that the program participants will continue to have “amazing afternoons” and their parents will have peace of mind knowing they are in a safe, nurturing environment.

Spearheaded by Scarsdale residents Danny Bernstein and Helene Getz as well as students Ali Schnitzer and Graham Winston of the Edward Williams Club at Scarsdale High School, the group is soliciting donations to keep Amazing Afternoons viable for the 2011-12 school year. Many of these volunteers are congregants of Westchester Reform Temple (WRT), which adopted Amazing Afternoons years ago, providing a corps of adult and teen volunteers who offer enrichment opportunities including ballet, chess, chorus and much more. 

“A special bond developed between the WRT volunteers and the Edward Williams students,” says Danny Bernstein, who has volunteered at Amazing Afternoons along with his son Max.  “The volunteers and students share experiences, learning valuable life lessons from one another and growing from their participation in the program.” 

For more information about Amazing Afternoons or to contribute to the fundraising effort, go to or call 761-0600 X219.

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