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2014 World Cup in Mount Vernon

2014 World Cup in Mount Vernon MOUNT VERNON, NY – It is that time a

Mount Vernon High School Winter Sports Schedule

Mount Vernon High School Winter Sports Schedule CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE:    

NBA Finals: The day after....

NBA Finals: The day after.... It has been a sobering day for me. I d

Gangs to Glory: The Story of  Sidney Weston

Gangs to Glory: The Story of Sidney Weston Growing up in Mount Vernon can be a chal

Toughest Team in Mount Vernon

Toughest Team in Mount Vernon A school and a city obsessed with basket

Mount Vernon to Host The 84th Annual Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament On February 7th

Mount Vernon to Host The 84th Annual Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament O Mount Vernon, NY – On Monday, February

MVToday Exclusive - MVHS Girls Varsity Basketball Profiles

MVToday Exclusive - MVHS Girls Varsity Basketball Profiles

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MVToday Exclusive - MVHS Boys Varsity Basketball Profiles

Mount Vernon High School Winter Sports Schedule

Mount Vernon High School Winter Sports Schedule    

Local Player Comes up Hug(e)o

Local Player Comes up Hug(e)o New Mount Vernon Coach has Tennis on the


2014 World Cup in Mount Vernon

Monday, 23 June 2014 09:45 administrator
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Photo of the Men's National Soccer team

MOUNT VERNON, NY – It is that time again. The world is uniting to watch one of the most anticipated sports events, the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The world cup brings soccer, or “football” as it is known as in most parts of the world, together in support of their nation and/or favorite team.

On Sunday June 22, 2014, American fans sported their red, white and blues in the form of clothing and body paint to support the United States Men’s national team, or the USMNT, against Portugal.

Several shots were shown throughout the live broadcast of New York residents watching and supporting the USMNT. However, the support can be felt even in Mount Vernon.

This year’s world cup is being held in Brazil, in various different cities around the exotic country. Mount Vernon has a strong Portuguese and Brazilian community, both of which seem to be very enthusiastic about this year’s world cup.

Mount Vernon fans crowded into several different local Portuguese and Brazilian restaurants to watch yesterday’s game. Maggie Spillane’s, located on 571 Gramatan Avenue, certainly has gotten into the spirit of the world cup, charging $12 to come into the restaurant and watch the games indoors or on the rooftop.

Mount Vernon residents have taken them up on the offer as seen by pictures on Facebook where fans were crowded inside the restaurant to watch the game and enjoy some food.

Theresa Reid, a Mount Vernon City Hall employee, also took notice of the lively presence surrounding this year’s festivities.

“As soon as I came outside, I saw a bunch of people inside and around Lusiadas watching the game," said Reid. Lusiadas is located on 6 Gramatan Avenue, directly across the street from the Mount Vernon City Hall.

The USMNT went into the game as underdogs. Many believed the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, one of Portugal’s star players, would get the best of the USMNT. However, the support of American fans both in Brazil and here in the States proved to be extremely helpful. With two goals from Jermaine Jones and Clint Dempsey, the USMNT managed to tie with Portugal.

The USMNT managed to advance to the Round of 16, or the "Knockout Stage." Unfortunately, the tough team of Belgium, a European country, proved to be too much for the USMNT to handle. The U.S. is no longer a contender for the 2014 World Cup title after losing to Belgium 2-1 on July 1, 2014.

The world cup continues in Brazil until the final on July 13th. With the United States now out of the running, what nation are you hoping goes all the way?


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Mount Vernon High School Winter Sports Schedule

Tuesday, 06 December 2011 15:21 administrator
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NBA Finals: The day after....

Tuesday, 14 June 2011 10:00 Paula Redd Zeman
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It has been a sobering day for me. I don't have a blog so Facebook is my only soapbox. With what I've been hearing and reading, I felt I had to write.

Anybody who knows me knows I am a huge basketball fan. Funny thing, but it was my 87-year-old mother who reinvigorated my passion for the sport I once played in high school but lost interest in when I went to college to study opera - even though I was in THE place for college basketball - Indiana University, home of the Hoosiers. We won two NCAA championships in my time there under Bobby Knight's leadership.

When I started watching again I couldn't deny my gravitational pull to Michael Jordan. He was soooo entertaining to watch, and his skills were coupled with incredible passion and most notably to me, also incredible work ethic. MJ wasn't a high school phenom - he was a guy who had to work - painstakingly - to become great. I admired that achievement and his ability to ensure his team won against all odds - no matter what. I continue to pay the price with my guy the diehard Knicks fan who thinks Jordan is the Anti-Christ. But the Chicago Bulls were so inspiring. You had an incredible coach in Phil Jackson who didn't get his props until later in his career. People thought anybody could coach Michael, but that's really not true. It takes a tough coach to lead a "once-in-a-lifetime" player and to keep the role players on the team focused while they waited - sometimes in vain - for their chance to even touch the basketball. How the Miami Heat could have benefited from leadership like that. Eric Spoelstra did the best he could, but coaching a trio of phenoms isn't something most coaches come across.

But the reason I had to write this tome is because of how incredibly unfair I feel the hateful vitriol against the Heat has been - most notably, against LeBron James. Okay, I'll admit LeBron is my modern day Jordan and I am prone to hero worship, no doubt. But nobody minded when LeBron soldiered on in Cleveland - hoisting that team on his shoulders for seven long years with no complaints - waiting for the owners/manager to deliver on their promise to get him some help - SOMEBODY - so he didn't have to go it alone since not even MJ could win with the motley crew the Cavs had assembled.

So where did he commit this ultimate sin that people have used as an excuse to despise him? When he was a free agent he carefully considered his future. He took his time and deliberated. He didn't pretend he was too good to listen to all the teams that sought to recruit him. He did what any player would in the same position - contemplate what was the best scenario to improve his chances at a championship. The world waited at baited breath. Grandmothers and toddlers were aware of the "decision" and the media used this brother to make unprecedented cash because everyone was interested in the latest news on LeBron. ESPN convinced him to do a special as a way of making the announcement and - admittedly ill-advised - "The Decision" took shape. Could he alert the Cavs owner who would undoubtedly blow the contractual obligation he had with ESPN and ask him not to divulge his decision until the show? No. And there's not a soul who thinks Dan Gilbert would have done anything but rush to his over-the-top rant against the young man he adored moments before when he was willing to do everything including his delicate hand washables. But what did he really do that was so wrong??? Stoudemeier and 'Melo left their teams to pursue other options. Shaq has been from Orlando to LA to Cleveland to Boston and no one has given him any grief. Owners have called players on a moment's notice and required them to inform their children and wives that they should start packing because they had to move next week. But no one ever had a problem with that.

So, what's the huge problem everyone has now that would cause them to spew the most hateful rhetoric and nasty vitriol in sports history? Never has an athlete been so vilified - not Tiger for his womanizing, Kobe for the rape charges, not Tyson for his unsportsmanlike behavior - not even Michael Vick after he tortured and electrocuted the poor pups who attempted to fight to the death to please their master. What could possibly cause this level of hatred for a young man who did nothing but explore his options and decide to leave his hometown?

Could it be because LeBron dared to be the master of his OWN destiny? That three young players could sit down and strategize their futures and not wait around to see what the owners would conjure up for them and move them around like so many chess pieces? That they had the wherewithal to plan a strategy that could just prove to be magical? Okay, they didn't win the championship but, remember, everyone said it would never work. That three high profile players – stars in their own right - would never be able to put their egos aside to play as a team. Can anyone seriously say that proved to be true?

So, sure, laugh, tease, ridicule, trash talk all you like - that's what sports is about and I've done my share. But, at the end of the day, let's admit LeBron, D. Wade and Chris Bosh (one of the most articulate voices in basketball) may not have won the championship. But they showed they CAN play as a team and they came closer to winning than any other team in the league. Greatness is defined in so many ways - one of which is the ability to win against all odds. The Heat didn't do that and they will have to evaluate just where the wheels fell off that train and how they allowed those negative voices to dictate what would be. The Dallas Mavs were nothing short of brilliant. They more than deserved the championship and I've respected that team since Nash, Finley and Avery Johnson as player and coach, but let's not get too much enjoyment at their expense. Tomorrow's another year and yet another season…

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Gangs to Glory: The Story of Sidney Weston

Friday, 15 April 2011 15:02 Russell Detres
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Growing up in Mount Vernon can be a challenge, with close to 70,000 people and not all with good intentions; it is easy for our youth to get mixed in with the wrong crowd.  Unfortunately, in his early years Sidney Weston loved being part of the wrong crowd, staying out late and getting into fights. Surrounded by violence, drugs, and gangs, Sidney Weston chose to embrace his surroundings rather than ignore them. Fast-forward 6 years and get to know Sidney Weston and you would never guess the trouble he used to be a part of.

“The hardest part of growing up in Mount Vernon for me was trying to stay away from the people who would always do the wrong things,” Sidney said. Those wrong things included fighting, drug dealing and gang banging. By the age of 12 Sidney was in a gang and headed down a dead end street toward incarceration or worse.  After several instances of fighting, Sidney found himself in front of a judge, which resulted in being sent to The Children’s Village in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., a foster home that helps troubled youth.

After an encouraging freshman year at Children’s Village where he not only stayed out of trouble but also maintained excellent grades, Sidney was sent back home to Mount Vernon. This is where he admittedly made the most important decision of his life.  At the fork in the road Sidney could have easily reunited with his old friends and familiar faces at Mount Vernon High School but instead he reached out to Darlos James for a different direction.  James was Sidney’s football coach with the Mount Vernon Razorbacks and his son was teammates with Sidney for years. James also participated as the assistant coach with Iona Prep varsity football team. James and others helped convince Sidney that the structure and family atmosphere of Iona Prep could help him continue on the right path. The move seemed logical for both Sidney and James; the next step was making it happen. After Sidney went to visit the school and its college-like campus, he realized that this is where he wanted to be.

“My Razorbacks’ head coach Darlos James steered me in the direction to Iona Prep,” Sidney said.

A year removed from trouble and time to consider what he wanted to do with his life, Sidney decided to pursue the transfer to Iona Prep. After many phone calls and meetings with the coaches and school officials, Sidney was accepted to Iona Prep and on his way to his new life.

The transition wasn’t seamless but with his new attitude and the help of the football coaches especially coach James, Sidney was excited and ready for this new opportunity. When asked what the toughest transition was from the streets to Iona Prep he responded, “The strict rules and regulations.  I had to learn how to treat everyone with the up most respect” also adding “having to wear button down shirts and ties was hard but I realized this is something I want to do.”

As a sophomore Sidney played varsity football replacing a senior for the starting running back position. It did not take long for Sidney to make an impact.   In his sophomore year Iona prep went 12-0 and won their league championship, a moment Sidney considers his proudest as an athlete.   Sidney regrets many of his past transgressions, but he also feels those experiences contributed to his physical and mental toughness on the football field. His coaches and opposing defensive players would have to agree.   He was named a captain his senior year and won offensive player of the year for the CHSFL in the 2010 season.

Sidney Weston has come a long way and has no plans of stopping now.  “I want to stay positive, work hard and continue playing football.  In 10 years I see myself having a family and playing football at the professional level, if that doesn’t work out I will keep pursuing a career in architecture or sports medicine,” Sidney said.  He currently is finishing up his senior year at Iona Prep, training for football and looking forward to making a decision on what college he will attend in the fall.

When asked what advice he would give to kids that grow up in tough environments he said, “I’d tell them to respect their parents, don’t hang out with the wrong people, be your own person and set goals for the future because in the end anything is possible!”


Toughest Team in Mount Vernon

Thursday, 24 February 2011 13:37 Russell Detres
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A school and a city obsessed with basketball, you can imagine the difficulties Coach Craig Ramsey has trying to develop a strong foundation for a wrestling team. Competing in the same season with basketball and indoor track has created a challenge to get the numbers of wrestlers to come out for the team to compete with wrestling powerhouses in the area. Coach Craig Ramsey has done it all from trying to recruit his own football players (Craig Ramsey is also the Head Coach of MVHS Jr. Varsity football) to recruiting the students who didn’t make the basketball team. Of the handful that actually entertains the idea of joining the team only a few are tough enough to make it through the first few practices.

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